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Manual Testing Concept: Introduction, Definition & Example



manual testing

As the name itself says that to test the software manually. Let us consider one simple definition to understand the full manual testing concept.

Firstly, I would suggest you go through our article on what is Software Testing

What is Manual Testing

Testing the software or application repeatedly or again and again manually, in order to find a defect in the software according to customer’s requirement specification is called as manual testing”.

Whenever software is developed, the first you should test it manually. Manual testing allows human observation, which allows the user to find potential bugs in the software. But testing the software manually is time-consuming and requires more human resources, but we can never go for automation without manual testing. In order to overcome the disadvantages of manual testing, we go for automation.

Hence manual testing is done first to get the initial confidence on the product and then automation testing is done to save time and human effort.

manual testing concept

Let’s take an example of how the combination of manual and automation can give a better result.

In the home, you sat to do laundry. And there are many clothes to wash. And when you think of doing it manually, it requires more time and effort.
So, you prefer to wash the clothes in a washing machine (example for automation). But washing clothes in the washing machine, will not give you a perfect result. So, what you will do?

Firstly, you will clean the collars of the t-shirt with your hands and then you wash them in the washing machine. Because in this way, it saved your time and effort and gave a very good result. Same is the case with software testing. Therefore, to get a quality product in less time we go for automation.

Manual Testing Example

manual testing

In the above example, the Facebook company (customer) has given requirement to the pace testing company, in order to develop a web application (

The requirement says something like ‘When a user enters a valid username, password, and clicks on the Login button, the home page should be displayed’.

The developers will write the codes for the software by looking into the requirement. And then he will compress the code and convert it into setup file (i.e. facebook.exe). The developer will install the .exe file into the server and give URL, Username, and password to the Test Engineer. So, that Test Engineer can access and test the software.

The test engineer will start to test the software manually as given above.

  • The test engineer will manually switch ON the computer.
  • He will manually check for the internet connection.
  • Then he will manually open the browser.
  • After that, he will manually write the URL like www.
  • And Login/Welcome page will display.
  • The test engineer will manually write the valid username, password, and clicks on ‘login button’.
  • The blank page is displayed (which means, there is a bug in the software) and manual testing is failed.
  • Therefore, he will communicate the bug to the developer and get the bug fix and again he will check for the ‘Home page’.
  • Now ‘Homepage’ is displayed successfully, and this means the manual testing is passed for that particular requirement.
  • In this way, manual testing is done to test the software.

Manual Testing Types

There are many types of software testing.

You know that manual testing is also a testing type. The thing is that there is no particular manual testing type. All the software is first tested manually by applying different types of testing. And then for the further cycles of testing, you can go for automation.


  • Software quality is good.
  • Programming knowledge is not required to do manual testing.
  • Manual testing allows you for human observation, which is useful to find bugs in the software.
  • Manual testing can be done with the less initial cost. so, it is cost effective.
  • It is useful for small projects or short-term projects.
  • Script or tools is not required to do manual testing.


  • Testing the software manually is time-consuming.
  • More human resource usage or utilization.
  • It is a monotonous (testing the same thing again and again) job.
  • Less consistency in testing.
  • It is a tedious job.


This blog post explains the definition of manual testing. I am sure a simple example has made things clear about manual testing. Moreover, you have got an idea about how software is tested manually.

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