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Automation Testing Basics For Software Testing Interviews



automation testing

What is an automation testing

“The test engineer will write the code or script or program by using tools like selenium or QTP and run the program against application or software wherein program will automatically test the application and gives the result as pass or fail. This is called as automation testing”.

Firstly, manual testing is testing the software manually. A person sits in front of the system and tests the software. Similarly, automation testing is testing the software or application by using tools or by executing the script.

First, have a look at the below infographic presentation given below. It shows a simple example of how automation testing is planned and done in the company. 

Automation Testing with an Example

The software development process starts when the customer comes up with the requirements:
(Refer explanation given below)

automation testing

In the above example, Google is the customer who gives requirement to the Infotech company, in order to develop a Gmail application.

The requirement says that,

When the user enters a valid username, password and clicks on the Login button, the Home page should be displayed’.

And when the user composes mail and clicks on ‘Sent’ button, mail should be sent successfully.

The developers will write the codes for the Gmail by looking into the requirement and then he will compress the code and convert it into setup file (i.e. gmail.exe).

The developer will install the .exe file into the server and give URL, username, and password to the Test engineer so that he can access and test the software.

The test engineer will start to test the software in a below-mentioned way:

  • Test Engineer will write a program/script by using tools like Selenium/QTP.
  • The test engineer will Run the program against the Gmail application.

         Now the program written will work as follows:

  • Tool/Program will automatically check for the internet connection.
  • The tool will automatically open the browser.
  • Firstly, Tool/Program will enter the URL (
  • The login page is displayed.
  • Secondly, the program will automatically enter the username, password, and clicks on the login button.
  • Let’s, say the Home page is displayed. (That is to say, one step of automation testing is pass, according to requirement).
  • The program will click on ‘Compose’ and enter values for all the fields and click on the ‘Send’ button.
  • Suppose, the mail is not sent, then you can say the test failed. And the tool will give the failed test report.
  • Now Test Engineer will communicate defects with the developers and gets the defect fixed.
  • Finally, Test engineer will again run the same set of script to test the application
  • Now, the mail is successfully sent. And this shows that the test is pass.
    In this way, automation testing is done.

Why Automation testing is necessary?

why needed

It is mainly required while doing regression testing. Suppose if the modification is done in any application for a certain module. Then how will you ensure that modification done has not introduced new bugs in older features? We can’t go manual testing here. So, we prefer doing automation testing.

Steps to follow in automation testing

  • First, you identify the area or features to be automated.
  • Second, get the appropriate tool to perform automation testing
  • Write the automation test script
  • Develop an automation test suite
  • Run the test script
  • Generate test reports
  • Find the possible bugs in the software.

Top Automation tools in the market

There are many tools available in the market. Below are some of the best automation tools. Some are free tools whereas some are licensed.

  • Selenium
  • QTP – Quick Test Professional
  • TestComplete
  • Tricentis
  • Silk Test
  • Soap UI
  • LoadRunner
  • WinRunner
  • Rational Functional Tester

Selenium is the best automation tool for freshers. It is a free tool and it supports many software languages. When you are planning to learn automation, start with selenium.

Benefits of automation testing

Some of the benefits of automation testing are listed below:

  • Automation testing saves time
  • It saves resources
  • There will be better consistency in testing.
  • Increases test coverage
  • It increases productivity.
  • Increases efficiency.


  • The initial investment is more.
  • Tester requires good programming knowledge
  • It does not give 100% result.

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