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What Is Testing Software?



software testing basics

This is exclusively for beginners who want to learn and develop their career in software testing. So let’s start- what is software testing?

Most importantly, the first question over here is, what is software? Have you seen the software in real life?

Yes, of course, you have seen them. And nowadays, moreover, we spend most of the time in and around the software. Yes, I do. Because I am spending most of the time in blogging and creating my website and this is also software. Similarly, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Amazon, Flipkart, YouTube, etc. and the list of software can fill the whole my blog. Above all is software. Here I don’t know any specific definition, just whatever applications, websites and operating systems we use, they are all software. And we are all surrounded by them.

Just check the below image to know basic testing topics in short:

what is testing software

What is Software Testing?

If you ask me to give a simple definition of software testing, I would say,
The process of identifying or catching a defect in the software is called software testing”. It can even be explained as “Verifying the functionality of an application against customers requirement specification is called as software testing.”

How Software Testing is done?

what is testing software

Firstly remember, the software is developed when customers give the requirement. Secondly, the customer can be anyone like YOU, ME or any companies, etc. For example, when you go to the shop, to buy something, you are a customer for the shopkeeper. Similarly, when you want any software, you will approach to any company for the development of software, so now you are a customer for them. Finally, you will ask them to develop software for you. 

Here you will tell them about how your software should look, what features or modules you want in your software, in addition, what should be the language, color, etc., And, you will ask them to build everything that you want.

So, the list of these things, what you want, becomes a requirement for them. After that, they will develop software according to your requirement.
And once when they develop software, they will test that particular software in order to confirm and get confident. Because they need to verify whatever software they have developed is exactly according to your requirement or not. So, this is what called as software testing.

So, as simple as that, here we execute the program with the intentions of finding a defect in the software/ applications. And the defect in the sense, what the hell is wrong with the software that it’s not working according to the requirement. Defects are nothing but deviation from the customer requirement.

In how many ways software can be tested?

Guys, the software can be tested in two ways:

Types of Software Testing

Testing is basically classified into two types

Moreover, these two types of testing are classified into its various types as shown in the image below:

software testing types

White Box Testing is done by the developers and it is classified into six types:

  1. Path Testing
  2. Condition Testing
  3. Loop Testing
  4. Unit testing
  5. Testing the code from the memory point of view
  6. Testing the code from a performance point of view

And when it comes to types of Black Box Testing, it is done by test engineers and even it is classified into various types

  1. Functional Testing
  2. Integration Testing
  3. System Testing
    Read here: What- Why- When- How about System Testing
  4. Acceptance Testing
  5. Smoke Testing
  6. Ad-hoc Testing
  7. Globalization Testing
  8. Compatibility Testing
  9. Exploratory Testing
  10. Regression Testing
  11. Usability Testing
  12. Performance testing

And of course there are not only 12 kinds of black box testing as mentioned above, there are many more types, but these are some important one. And since this blog is for the beginners, I have tried to cover the most important from the beginner’s point of view.

  • Testing is basically classified into two types, but some of them even refer to something called Grey Box Testing. And it is done by both developers and test engineers. Test engineers who have good programming knowledge.

The types of block box testing mentioned above, those can even be categorized as:

  • Functional Testing
  • Non-functional testing

Functional & Non-Functional Testing

In short, I will say that the testing in which we are actually testing about feature/ modules/ components, all comes under Functional testing. And out of 12 types in black box testing which is mentioned above, 9 of them are classified under functional testing. They are as mentioned below:

Functional Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, Acceptance Testing, Smoke Testing, Ad-hoc Testing, Compatibility Testing, Exploratory Testing, & Regression Testing

And Non–Functional Testing deals about the look and feel, languages, stability, response time, recovery, policy, etc. of the software. So, from the above-mentioned type of Black Box testing, 3 of them can be classified into the non-functional type of testing. They are as follows:

Globalization Testing, Usability Testing, & Performance Testing

Levels of software testing

This is an important interview question. And it is not tough at all. Basically, the same testing is divided into four levels also, based on the necessity of doing them. That is, these four testings must be done in order to release software to the customer. They are as follows:

  1. Unit Testing
  2. Integration Testing
  3. System Testing
  4. Acceptance Testing

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